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Auto add loading image when call ajax.

Add below code in your script

Add below code in document ready

Add below code in css

Download icon and copy into your forder. Here


DWR is a RPC library which makes it easy to call Java functions from JavaScript and to call JavaScript functions from Java (a.k.a Reverse Ajax).

It has a large user-base, active mailing list and has been used in many projects.

DWR has a number of features like call batching, marshalling of virtually any data-structure between Java and Javascript (including binary file uploading and downloading), exception handling, advanced CSRF protection and deep integration with several Java server-side technologies like Spring and Guice.

The first diagram shows how DWR can alter the contents of a selection list as a result of some Javascript event.

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Jquery: Overcome ajax processing

Sometimes we have situation that compile a function include ajax and that ajax ran last time, althought it’s declared at the top of jquery function.
So, have one way to resolve this situation is “async” attribute in ajax function