Hive tutorial.

Some demo about hive.

  • Load data without partition.

  • Use explode to hash array by delimeter.

  • Set automatic partitioning.

  • Create table with partition.

  • Load data with partition.

  • Load data without partition.

  • Insert follow partiton of table stocks to table divide.

  • Create table without partition.

  • Config partition.

  • Split ymd and partition divide dynamic partition.

  • Partition follow symbol even don’t set symbol when select data.

  • Partition follow symbol.

  • Rename table.

  • Drop partition.

  • Change column.

  • Adding Columns

  • Deleting or Replacing Columns

  • Alter Table Properties

  • Alter Storage Properties

  • You can alter the storage properties.

  • Export data.

  • Select with regex price.*

  • You can usually improve the performance of aggregation by setting the following property to true,, as shown here:

  • Only run map reducer is complex.

  • Casting

  •  RLike + regex such as LIKE.

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