Getting Started with Gulp.js

Gulp is a command line task runner utilizing Node.js platform. It runs custom defined repetitious tasks and manages process automation.

  1. Install Node.js and Gulp.
  2. Create   and list dependencies (Gulp and plugins).
  3. Install NPM modules.
  4. Create  .
  5. Load plugin and create tasks.
  6. Run those tasks in the command line.

The goal is be to create an automated workflow for working with Sass and combile JS. We want to make tasks that will:

  • Process styles/main.scss to assets/main.css
  • Concatenate and minify scripts/*.js to assets/script.js

Gulp Installation

Now we need to download Gulp and its plugins to our project. We will specify the plugins we’re about to use in 


Now install the dependencies by running:

Add all below task for gulp


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