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Snippet Ruby

With snippet Ruby, you can free your mind

  1. For Loop

  2. File

  3. Directory

  4. Date

  5. Numberic

  6. String

  7. Array

  8. Check encoding UTF-8

  9. Input and output with screen

  10. [MySQL]Ruby MySQL

  11. [AWS][S3]Ruby AWS

Ruby: Debug in Eclipse


Download eclipse


  1. Open eclipse
  2. Help/Install New Software
    1. Choose
      1. Dynamic Languages Toolkit -Ruby Development Tools
      2. Dynamic Languages Toolkit -Ruby Development Tools SDK

Create new ruby project

  1. New/New Project/Ruby/Ruby Project
  2. Interpreter/Configure interpreters..
    1. >Search (To find the ruby environment)

Ruby: download, upload, delete..etc.. using S3Util.


Ruby: check status of job flow and job name.


Ruby: create hive job flow and add step with condition.