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Build unsigned .ipa without Developer Account on Xcode 5.

To Disable Code Signing:

Step 1:   
GoTo /Applications then right click and click “Show Package Contents”
Step 2:
and copy the file SDKSettings.plist to desktop
Step 3:
Open the file copied SDKSettings.plist. Under <DefaultProperties> ==> <dict>
find <CODE_SIGNING_REQUIRED> and change its value from YES to NO. Save the file
Step 4:
Copy this modified SDKSettings.plist file back to Contents/Developer/Platforms/iPhoneOS.platform/Developer/SDKs/iPhoneOS7.0.sdk/ replacing the orginal file [YOU MAY SAVE THE ORIGINAL FILE AS BACKUP] Do the required AUTHENTICATION AS REQUIRED
Step 5: Restart Xcode and open your runnable xcode project
Step 6: In Project Navigator select your project and open Build Settings section of your porject and Select All sub-heading.
Step 7: Under Code Signing find Code Signing Identity and for both Debug and Release modesset Any iOS SDK to Don’t Code Sign.

To make an IPA:

Step 8: In Xcode, goto Product and click Archive
Step 9: Step7 will build you project and creat an Archive. After the completion of the process, new window Organize – Archive will be opened. In the list of this window you can see your project. Right click project and click Show in Finder which will reveal *.xcarchive file
Step 10: Right click the *.xcarchive file and click Show Package Contents and goto Products =>Applications where you will see an app file with the name of your project<projectname>.app
Step 11:  Open iTunes change view to Apps and drag the app file <projectname>.app  into the iTunes.
Step 12: Right Click your app, click Show in Finder. There you will have you .ipa file.

Important Notes :

1. In Step 8, if the Archive menu is disabled this is most likely because the a simulator option is currently selected as the run target in the Xcode toolbar. Changing this menu either to a connected device, or the generic iOS Device target option should enable the Archive option in Product menu.
2. You will also need to install AppSync in your iPhone via Cydia.