Load Balancers Config Step by Step



  • Step 3: Click on Create Load Balancer
  • Image2

  • Step 4: Input Load Balancer name. If you want to add port, click on Add. When define complete, click Continue
  • Image3

  • If you using HTTPS. You need config certificate. But in this tutorial, we using test server and it don’t have certificate
  • Image4

  • Step 5: Configure Health Check. Set TCP for Ping Protocol. Then click Continue
  • Image5

  • Step 6: Add Instances of Develop to Load Balancer. Please check to check box instances you want to add. Then click on Continue
  • Image6

  • Step 7: Add Tag if you want. Then click on Continue
  • Image7

  • Step 8: Review configure. And change if you need. After review complete, click Create
  • Image8

  • Step 9: Result
  • Image9

  • And view information Load Balancer created
  • Image10

How to auto-detect a file’s encoding

Maven below dependency in your project

Using this code to detect Japanese encoding


Route53 Config Step by Step

Step 1: https://console.aws.amazon.com/route53/home?region=ap-northeast-1
Step 2: Go to Dashboard. Click on Hosted Zones (case first time: click on DNS Management)
Step 3: Click on Create Hosted Zone
Step 4: Input Domain Name and click on Create. Please input domain correctly
Step 5: Choose Hosted Zone ad-repo.com and click on Go to Record Sets
Step 6: Get Name Server information to set name server for domain your
Step 7: Click on Create Record Set
Step 8: Input sub domain name at Name. E.g. client, then full domain is client.ad-repo.com. E.g dev, then full domain is dev.ad-repo.com. If let it empty. Full domain is ad-repo.com
Input ip target server at Value. And then click on Create
E.g. add sub domain

Add new rows and columns in exist XSSF Table.

Required Library:



Create style table in excel using poi.

Required Library :